VidCompact APK v 3.3.2 Latest version free Download [15 MB]

  We know more ways that can introduce the above app for the users. Actually it is because there are more unique things about the above app. Mainly I like to introduce the above app as a video editor. The editing process of the app is of the best quality. Other than that we could call that as a  converter of the video to MP3. Except from the described both two ways we could describe the app as a cutter for the video. If you assume the above ways are only the facts of the app, you are mistaken. Because you could call this as a compressor for the video too. 

However the above editing app is an app that provides more uses for the videos. By the given paragraphs below you will know more able to know more facts. I guess that the readers have got an idea about the above editing app by the brief paragraphs. I told you some specific features in the above. You have a brief idea about the apps. Then after will see the technical details of the app. VidCompact

The above editing app is about a 14.98 MB sized app. The latest version of the app is 3.3.9. And now the famous editing app has finished about 10,000,000 downloads so far. The Video show Enjoymobi video editor and video maker Inc have given the above app for the users. And we keep the above VidCompact app on the category of the video editing app. 

Then the reader knows all the leading details as well. Next we will see the method that we can get the above app successfully. For that you have to download and install the above app into our android device. 

How to download and install the VidCompact app into android

   You could use the given download links for the installation of the above app. Then follow a Manual way to install the app onto the Android device. 


  • Use the given download links to download the app 
  • Then enable the unknown sources from the settings folder. Don’t miss this step. If you have missed the whole download process is restricted. 
  • Then click on the install by agreeing all the required permissions in order to the usage of the app 
  • Then the whole download process is finished now. Work with the app freely. 

   By agreeing with the above-given steps you can get and install the above app correctly. Then after we will move on with the features of the famous editing app. 

Features of the VidCompact  app 

  • Multiple video formats 

  Currently,  over 600 million people in the world use the above famous VidCompact app. All of those users are engaging with the editing app according to the facilities provided by the application. And we could find more types of formats like videos  MP4, MOV, and the WMV. 

  • Multiple editing features 

   You could apply to edit, merging, cutting like the above features for the videos. 

  • Could get more space of the device 

 By the compressing of the video and the converting of the videos you could get more space in your device. Therefore you can use the above space for more tasks. 

  • Compatibility 

    There are more types of devices that are supported by the above app. 

  • Professional video editing 

   You can use this app for video items for professional editing. All edits are in its best quality. 

   Those are the already existing features of the VidCompact app. Then after we will see the new ones.


What’s new with the latest version of the VidCompact app 

  • Some bugs have fixed 
  • Minor improvements can be seen

FAQs of the VidCompact  app 

Q: Is this app for free? 

A: You can use more specific features of the app for free. But you have to pay for unlocking some features. 

Q: Are there any ads contained in the app? 

A: yes, there are some ads contained in the app. Those are placed by the app developer. Your experience won’t be harmed by the above app. 

Q: Is this app safe for my device? 

A: yes, there are no harmful agents contained in the app. So the app is undergone on a safety scan. 

   The above facts are about the VidCompact app. I think you got more use by the above app. Then work with the app and check whether all those are true or not. Do you want to know about more apps like this? Check out about Cartoon HD. If you have an android smart tv, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC, click here for more info. you can get more info about how to get this Cartoon HD App for those products.

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