MX Player APK v 1.23.5. Latest version free Download [24 MB]

 This is one of the famous video player presences in the world. But there is more advanced hardware and many powerful things contained in the app. From the below paragraphs you will know all the facts. The MX player app along with the support of the subtitles and the Hardware Acceleration. The Acceleration of the hardware can be applied to the videos you are watching by the MX player. By that the user could be able to get an advanced output. You can get supported with the almost new video decoder too. And the above app is the ever made video player that supports the decoding of multi-core.MX Player

I think you have got an idea about the above app by the short paragraphs I told in the above. You have a brief idea about the apps. Then we will see the technical details of the app. The MX player is about 23.23 MB in size. The latest version of the app is 1.23.5. The MX media and the entertainment have offered the above app for the users. Until now the app has performed about 500,000,000 downloads so far. Also we can categories the above app as an app for entertainment. 

Now you are aware of the basic details as well. Then after we would pay attention to the method that we could get and install the above app into our android phone or any other device. 

How to download and install the MX player into android? 

   You could use the given download links for the installation of the above app. Then follow a Manual way to install the app onto the Android device. 


  • Download the app by using the above download links 
  • Then enable the unknown sources from the settings folder. Don’t miss this step. 
  • Then click on the install by agreeing with the necessary permissions. 
  • Then your work has finished now. Work with the app. 

   By following the above steps you can install the above app successfully. Then we will pay our attention to the facts of the app. 

Features of the MX player  app 

  • More tools 

  You could pinch and zoom both and can be done by swiping the screen. 

  • Gestures of subtitles 

   You could scroll, move, and zoom the text sizes of the subtitles that will be shown on the screen. 

  • File sharing 

   You can transfer video, audio, and files by the above MX player app. 

  • Kids lock 

  You can keep a lock for the kids while using the app. So then kids won’t use the other apps while using the MX player. 

  • Subtitle formats 

   There are more subtitle formats that can be applicable to the subtitles. 

  • Acceleration of the hardware 

   You could apply the above hardware Acceleration to the videos that play by using the MX player. 

  • Decoding of the multi-core

   This is the first app that is with the above feature. And the multi-core decoding is higher in its performance. 

   Those are the already existing features of the above MX player. Then after we will see what are the newly introduced features of the above app. MX Player

What’s new with the latest version of the MX player 

  • You can see the major performance in the app 
  • There are more upgrades are there 
  • Songs are supported for the earphones and the Bluetooth 
  • The MX player is now working with all the languages 

   So the above are the all features of the above famous player. Then let us see, 

FAQs of the MX player  app 

Q: Is the above MX player legal? 

A: yes this is a permitted app for the users. Hence this is legal to download and work. 

Q: Is this app for free? 

A: yes, now this is totally free. 

Q: Is this app safe? 

A: Yes, the MX player is free of all harmful things. 

    The above all are the specific features of the MX player app. I think the above is useful for you. Then work with the app and see if I am correct. Do you want to know about more apps like this? Check out about Cartoon HD. If you have an android smart tv, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC, click here for more info. you can get more info about how to get this Cartoon HD App for those products.

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