How to Fix Slow PC

There is a common issue among all PC users of getting their PC slower and slower over time than Macs. Most of you embrace that issue thinking it is due to the depletion of hardware performance and its time to buy a new one. It is not true for all situations. Most newer and powerful PCs too experience slowness.

Why are PCs getting slower?

Many reasons for getting your PC slower. Below are some of the main and concerning issues for slowness.

Having many bloatware

Most of you may end up installing many applications with the same functionality to find the best-suited application. But you may forget to uninstall those unwanted applications. Do you know that most unopened or unused installed applications have always running background services. Having many bloatware may cause to have low resources due to less important and unused background services.


What is telemetry? It is the process of sending data from your computer to servers. Windows Telemetry, Browser telemetry, and Office Telemetry are some examples. For example, let’s take Windows Telemetry. Windows Telemetry is used to gather Windows usage information to provide a better Windows experience for end customers. As a result, Windows Telemetry service runs in the background every time utilizing resources. Disabling all Telemetry services has many advantages including better performance, faster internet speed, and enhanced privacy.

Slow Storage Space

Most of you do not care when you have low space on the system drive. It is also a main concern for having a slow PC. Installed applications and downloaded files are not the main case for having low storage space. There are other types of files created or accumulated over time due to updates, uninstalling apps, and more. Those are residual files from updates, residual or data files from uninstalled apps, junk files, temporary files, etc. Having a clean system drive helps to have a better-performing PC.

How to fix a slow PC?

Using optimizer on Windows

If you know the Windows system, settings, and file system very well you do not need any application. Manually clean the system drive, remove unwanted apps, stop unused services, etc. get fix your PC. Please avoid doing it manually if you do not know what you are doing. Because it may break your PC and lose important apps and files.

There are many Windows optimizing apps like CCleaner, WinOptimizer, AVG TuneUp, Norton, etc. None of those top choices are completely free to use. There are premium or pro features to fully optimize or tune up your PC. The next thing is safety. Because apps like this will have full access to your files and Windows system.

Dream Windows optimization applications should be open-source, completely free to use, and frequent updates to keep the app up to date. Having an open-source application ensures it is virus-free and safe to use. Optimizer is one such application that is widely popular among many Windows users to boost performance and clean system drives for free.

You can download and install this application on any PC or computer running Windows 8,8.1,10 and 11. Click here to download the latest version of Optimizer App for free.

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