Web video caster APK v5.0.7 Latest version free Download for Android [17.52MB]

   Think you are a movie lover or lover of live shows, this above application would certainly match you. Because its main task is the casting of the favorite live shows, movies, and various live programs to many devices. 

   This above paragraph shows the main benefit of this app like this. The above app works with many device types. Some of those devices are amazon fire tv, Roku, fire tv stick, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, and smart tv. Along with the above there are more popular devices for TV streaming that are compatible with the above-mentioned app. Initially this app allowing you for the streaming videos. Those records can be gained by the Web directly.

  Mainly the above app will access you to watching movies and other all items from directly on their website. You can select a web site as you wish. Apart from that this app will work for the casting the videos included in your phone. Not only the videos but also the images and audio files will help that feature. The other one is the subtitles. You are allowed to use subtitles included in the web page either you could use your own file of subtitles. Also you can try cartoon hd app.

Along with that then we move towards some special facts that you had to know essentially. From that you could surely take a brief idea about this app. 

  • Size of the app – this is about 17.52 MB sized app 
  • The latest version of the app – that is 5.0.7
  • The developer of the app – InstantBit offered the above app 
  • Downloads of the app – now 10,000,000+ downloads have been completed 

  Now we will see, 

Web video caster APK Download


  1. Click the download button to get the right Web video caster apk.
  2. Then apk will be downloaded.
  3. After the download finish, click the install button to install the web video caster.
  4. After a few seconds, you can enjoy the app.

How to install Web video caster APK to PC? 

 Install, Nox, or blue stack on your PC, then the above procedure just clicks on the download button. And fallow the above instructions.

  Then after let us see the features of the app. I think there are more advanced features when comparing with the others. Shall we see if my opinion is correct or not? 

Features of Web video caster APK

  • No adds in the overall apps 
  • Availability of the bookmarks
  • Setting in the home page 
  • Video history 
  • Shortcuts of the home screen 
  • Showing the sites that people have most visited 

These above are the premium features of the above app. Not all these are not applicable to all devices. The performance may change with the device. 

  Along with the functions when using this app there are some things that you have to keep in mind. See the following for that. 


  • They haven’t any controls over the contents on the web pages. If something happens wrong the web page at the fault 
  • This app doesn’t support the casting via a tablet 
  • Within the weekends and times if heavy loads the failure while playing and buffering can take place. 
  • You can’t make refunds after 24 times of the purchase 

By considering the many more problems they have added new features to the apps. Sometimes those may be corrections of some faults. However we will see?

New features 

  • Fixed the loading from other sites 
  • Fixed the emails for the feedback 
  • Pinned the correction of colors 

   Then it is about legal issues. There are no legal problems and restrictions on this app. Therefore you can use this app without any problem. Also this is an app that is free from harmful malware and the other agents. 

FAQs of this app 


  • Is this a free app? 

  You could download it for free. But you have to purchase about 1$-6$ per item. 

  • Are there any ads contained here? 

  Yes, there are only ads placed by the developer of the app. 

  • What are the supported media by this app? 

  Those supported ones are MP4, tv shows, movies, news, sports, photos, and audio files with the music. 

These all above are related details about the web video caster app. Along with this app you could entertain more and more than ever with many programs and tv shows. Therefore just try it once and see its performance. 

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