Vivacut APK Download | video editor with all the professional editing tools

VivaCut for Android is a professional video editor. Create video stories using a multi-layer timeline and high-end editing features.

Edit videos for Youtube and Instagram by cutting or combining clips with amazing stickers and filters. Put aside your AE and PS to start creating, mixing, merging and sharing astonishing videos with the most complete video editor.

vivacut apk download

VivaCut for Android is a video editor with all the professional editing tools you need! It is the perfect editor for cutting, trimming and splitting long videos into short video clips. You may also use its multi-layer timeline to create beautiful collages or videos for the social medias. Or merge clips and add text, music and filters to create eye-catching video and extraordinary slideshow. Download VivaCut and experience the next generation video editor!

Vivacut APK Features

  1. It’s a completely free application which you can get it directly from this page or you can download it for free on your phone from the Google Play store.
  2. You can edit videos that are recorded by your phone camera or you can use the application camera which is perfect to use and it is always recommended to use the app’s camera because it has more features than the original one that came with the phone.
  3. The application is available on many different operating systems like android that works on phones like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo also, it works on phones that works or runs the iOS system.
  4. You can share your videos after editing using a lot of ways like messenger, or WhatsApp, or maybe if you want to share on Facebook or any other social media.
  5. You can also use it to produce videos and upload them on your YouTube channel if you wanted to make some money.
  6. You can get the latest updates for free by using google play or any app market one the developer of the app release a new version that carries no bugs.
  7. You can add pictures, songs, and also any voices for free and combine videos then produce them to your phone.

Vivacut APP Pro

We have reached a point in our lives where it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t even have an account on one of the big social networks. It’s simply something that has caught mankind’s taste and apparently doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

And, within this context, everything seems to migrate more and more to the world of videos. Whether it’s filming that family recipe, the holiday fireworks at a tourist spot, your current dance performance or whatever you like, it’s certain that we all make and produce videos.

But, normally, there are always one or two points in our productions that we would like to change, whether for reasons of lighting, audio, or simply because we don’t like a part of the recording. Of course, there are already many tools for this, but they are expensive and require great technical knowledge.

So, this time, we were looking for a program capable of solving this demand, that is, a software that would be able to edit our videos with high quality, without requiring a supermachine or a course to operate it. Is there such a thing?

Yes. Meet Vivacut: a high-quality intelligent program that allows incredible features when editing your videos, simply and very professionally. Shall we know more?

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