Anime Fanz android APK v6.0.0 Latest version free Download for Android [13 MB]

 This can be known as an essential app for all Anime fans. Because there is a more amazing library for any Anime fans. I am correct if I tell you that there are many records under this library. That vast library Contin more creations from the classical level to the new realizing things. But there may be language Problems related to the above library. Therefore those are in its original language as well as in the English language. The procedure of the Anime Fanz is the same as the other video libraries. You can find all things for one category in a place. Those are placed by the organizing of it.

Anime Fenz

   Other than the vast library as in the above the app has features of social media. That means you are able to communicate with others and share your ideas with them. I think you have got an idea about the Anime Fanz by the above paragraphs. Then I think it is required to know some basic details about an app like this. Therefore we will see it. 

Size of the app – this is about 10.16 MB sized app 

Downloads of the app – it has finished a 100,000 + downloads so far 

The latest version of the app – that is 6.0.0

The developer of the app – the FleekSoftApps offered the app  

   Those are the things that a user has to know before using the Anime Fanz app. Then we will see by which method we can get the app into the android devices. 

How to download and install the Anime Fanz on an android device? 

   For that purpose you could use the above-given download links. Then you have to perform the installation process manually. So that follow the below guides as you can. 


  • Download the Anime Fanz app by using the above download links 
  • Then open the settings folder. Then enable the “unknown sources” contain in the security settings 
  • Then you have to open the downloaded Anime Fanz app from the downloads folder
  • Then click on the ” install” by reading after the all required permissions 
  • Then you can work with the app

   By following the above guidelines you can get this app into the android device successfully. Then we will move our discussion with the features of the Anime Fanz app. 

Features of the Anime Fanz app 

  • There are more trending and short videos Contin on the Anime Fanz app. You can be enjoyed by watching them. Also those videos can be shared with your friends. 
  • You are able to chat with the other people connected with the Anime Fanz app 
  • You can discover the other people who are sharing your collection
  • Make more things related to your interests 
  • You can engage with more discussions with the fans about the videos, episodes, or any other creation. 
  • Follow the friends on the Anime Fanz 

Those are the main features included in the Anime Fanz. There are some more features added to the app. 

What’s new in the latest version of Anime Fanz

  • The UI has changed 
  • The existed crashes and bugs have fixed 

  Those are all features contain in an app like Anime Fanz. If you will see this app after working with this you would realize how is this app working. 

    Then I like to tell you something many people take into consideration. That is legal permission. Anime Fanz is not restricted to use by the law. Therefore you can use it. Then we will move with the, 

Anime Fenz

FAQs about Anime Fanz

Q: Is this app safe for my device? 

A: yes this is totally safe. No need to worry about the content of the app. 

Q: Is this totally free to use? 

A: You could download this app for free. But you have to pay about 1$ per item. 

Q: Are there any ads contained in the app? 

A: There are some ads here that are placed by the app developer. 

    Then I have told you all the details related to the Anime Fanz. You can understand them all by using the above app by yourselves.

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