TinyTask Free Activities Automation Tool – (Latest Review)

TinyTask Free Windows software application is one of the best ways to automate your simple computer tasks.

The application runs as a macro program similar to Microsoft Excel, but it is easier to operate than MS Excel.

TinyTask automation tool

Further, you do not have any previous macro knowledge or experience operating any activities automation tools to use the TinyTask application.

TinyTask Program applicability for Different types of Tasks

If you are an everyday computer user, you might do a lot of repetitive works manually on a daily basis.

It could be your office works, freelancing works, personal works, mobile games, and so on.

There could be certain parts that you do manually in all those activities, and it takes more time to do them.

So, it would be really helpful if you could automate those activities using an application like TinyTask.

Because there are two ways that the TinyTask could help you with your daily computer tasks.

  • It allows you to get rid of dull, repetitive tasks on your computer, such as data entry works.
  • It saves your time that you would have spent on those activities allow you a breathing space to concentrate on your essential works.

 TinyTask Software Support and Updates

TinyTask is an open-source software application designed o help people with automating computer tasks.

The developers of the application do not look very proactive in releasing the updates regularly.

However, when there is a strict requirement in improving the application or fixing a bug or something, the developer team releases the updates.

So that you do not have to really bother about the updates as the software application works well.

More importantly, TinyTask is free software that you can use on any number of computers.

This means you do not have to have a license key to use the software like other Windows software.

When it comes to technical supports in using the TinyTask automation tool, you might be able to contact the developers through their website.

Or else you can contact them on their social media profiles as well.

In addition to that, there is a support option called “Help” in the application interface itself, which explains the basic guidelines in using the software program.

Usually, you do not need any technical support to operate the TinyTask application because the interface and the control panel are so easy to understand.

There are only a few options available in the control panel known as “Record,” “Stop,” and “Paly.”

So these option terms might be familiar to you because they have the same meaning as media player options terms.





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