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Pluto TV

Do you often watch TV? Well, many people love watching TV, but what if you are limited to watching channels you always prefer? It gets boring, right? This happened for me too. So, people go for other TV applications that offer many channels. Pluto TV is one of the most advanced TV apps in the app market. If you are browsing the internet in order to search for a specific type of content, I highly recommend Pluto TV App. Pluto App offers you any channel you would like to watch or hard to find on common TVs. Pluto provides plenty of TV channels (themed channels), broadcasts without commercial breaks 24/7, and any channel you would like to watch.

Moreover, there are over more than 100+ live channels you can watch, such as live sports channels, concerts and channels about fashion, live news channels, and many more. You can also watch over thousands of movies, TV shows, and TV series on demand for free of charge. Not a single penny costs. Well, let’s talk about this app a little bit further.

Install this application on your Fire TV, Firestick or Android TV box to enjoy Live TV. If you are unable to install this application using your default TV store, you can use other options like AppLinked, FileSynced or Aptoide TV.

Features of Pluto TV

  1. Pluto TV offers over more than 200 English TV Channels, 45 Spanish channels, and Spanish dubbed movies, reality shows, TV Series, News, and many more.
  2. Pluto is a user friendly mobile application where any beginner can work with. The simple interface of this app helps you to navigate easily and contact only with a single window. The video which is shown can be seen on the top of the screen, and at the bottom of the screen, there will be all the channels listed down. The channels will be sorted according to the category in order to help you select your most favorite one to watch.
  3. You have all the rights to browse any channel. There are no limits or rules and regulations. Better search and find the most iconic TV channel.
  4. The contents in Pluto TV mostly come straightly from YouTube. So, same as in Youtube Videos, there won’t be commercial breaks that bother your concentration. There want to be no breaks except the finish lines.
  5. You cannot record shows, rewind or fast forward, but you can watch any channel without advertisements and commercial breaks.
  6. Pluto will add new movies according to your demands, similar channels according to your preferences every day so you can always watch what you most prefer. You better check back and make sure you won’t miss anything.
  7. Pluto provides dozens of movies and channels, and those movies and channels also include,
  • The biggest hit movies
  • Shows with all seasons
  • Crime and Drama Series
  • Hilarious comedy shows and movies
  • Spanish movies and shows (Many are Spanish dubbed)
  • Reality Shows
  • Breaking News
  • Live News
  • Live sports and classic games


Pluto TV is one of the top and the most amazing TV apps you can use for your entertainment. This is a free app where you can download from its official website. You can download it to both your PC and Mobile. Pluto constantly improves the performances in the app so the users can experience it way better every time they update the application. This is a nice application to watch live TV on your Android phone. However, play store does not allow to download this application on several regions. Use AC Market to download and install any Android app or game without any restriction and it is completely free.

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