FlipaClip APK v2.4.6 Latest version free Download for Android [30.14 MB]

  If you are a person who would wish to make changes in the videos and create more new videos, this is a perfect app for yourselves. You can animate, draw, and then after share your videos with the help of this above app. 

  So according to the given details I can imagine that this is a nice app. If you have some on your mind you can bring them real by using an app like this. It is similar to the dream coming true. Then after you create it you can ask from the others about it. You have a wide variety of chances for spreading them outwards. You can share your creations with millions of people on YouTube and Facebook.

   The above FlipaClip provides you with a better experience of drawing in every time. You can’t neglect such an experience for sure. Working with this app is very easy to learn. Therefore you could educate yourself on how to work with it very quickly. 

   Then we will see what are the surrounding details of this above app. You have to keep them in your mind. 

  • Size of the app – this is about 30.14 MB sized app 
  • The latest version of the app – that is 2.4.6
  • The developer of the app – Visual Blasters LLC. offered this app 
  • Downloads of the app – now it has finished about 10,000,000+ downloads of this app 

  Now you know these things. Then we need to take it into the mobile phone or the pc for a better experience. Then, 

How can I get this app on my mobile phone? 


  • I have provided an easy way for the downloading 
  • So click on the download where I have provided 
  • It will be downloaded 
  • Then click on the install 
  • Then work with the app freely 


How can I get this app into my pc? 

  • It is better if you have downloaded the Nox player for your pc 
  • Click the download button where I had provided you 
  • Then it takes some time to download 
  • Then click on the install to install it 
  • Then you are able to work with this app

  There have to be some unique reasons to Download this type of app. I like to see them. Shall we? 

Features of the FlipaClip

  • Tools for drawing 

  You are capable of drawing more items in the app. You can use a pencil, brushes, ruler, and eraser for your drawing. Samsung S pen and the smartpen is other devices that are supported for the drawing on it. 

  • Layers of animations. 

  You can use about 3 of them for free. In the pro mode you should be able to use layers up to 10. If you add more than 6 layers for one there may be some other issues arise. 

  • Tools for animation 

   This is very easy to create animations by the frame by frame method. There are even overlay grids. 

  •  Can add audio for it 

    You could gain more live effects for the video created by the addition of the audio. You can add dialogue even. From that you can create your own with more creativity. 

  • Inserting images and videos 

  You could import them or draw those items. 

  • Making of movies 

   You could make them in the Gif or the MP4 formats. 

  • Can share your movies. 

  You can share your items where else you would like. 

  Those above are the main features that are included in this app. Other than them there are more features added here. What are them?

What’s new in FlipaClip 

  • Fixed the problems related to the importing of the videos 
  • Fixed the problems related to the audio effects 
  • Fixed the problems related to the overlapping of the stage button. 
  • Tiktok preset option is added here. 

Then, there are no legal restrictions for this app. Therefore you can work with this app with nothing to worry about. 

FAQs about FlipaClip 

  • Is this app safe for my device? 

  Yes, there is no harmful content for your device. Therefore nothing to worry.

  • Is this app free of charge? 

  You can download it for free. But you have to purchase about 1$-5$ per item. 

  • Are there any ads contained here? 

   Yes, there are some ads placed by only the app developer. 

  This is all about the perfect video editing app. Now you can identify how important that app is. I think you will certainly use this app with you. This is a better chance for you to increase your ability in creativity. Also, check out this, Cartoon HD APK v3.0.3 | Free Cartoons, Movies, TV Shows 2020 [3MB]

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