Dealing with essay questions during exams

If you are normal people, not weirdos like me, there is a higher chance that you hate writing essay questions during exam time.

What is trying to say here is, when it is time for exams, students get anxious. Essays too? By this, I mean, you have to use your mind and think. You cannot just circle the option ‘B’ and pray that you will get good marks by the end of the day.

Just because you are going to write your essay formally, writing essays for exams is similar to writing one for a colleague. Check some tips from paid thesis writing professionals.

Dealing with essay questions during exams

What you need to do when writing an essay, you need to.

  1. You have to convince your readers and clearly.
  2. You want by the time your reader starts to read your work; he doesn’t want to stop.

Even if the people who know how to write essays make it hard for one to write an essay, it has to be concise and clear. Concise and clear writings are hard to master.

In this post, we will give you tips on how to make essays easier to do. And how one can grasp excellent grades. You have to ensure that you hit all points before moving to the next questions.

So, let’s get to the tips on how to manage essay writing during exams.

You have to know how an ‘A+’ essay looks like.

Before one can get to the harder things about essay writing, one needs to understand that the lecturers look for;

  • One understanding of what the course requires.
  • One creates his information in his unique way.
  • One has to develop insights by themselves.

If one states his ideas without facts, your lecturer will notice that you did not read and understand your work.

If one writes points, they are individual; then your instructor will notice that you did not understand it. It also means that you understood individual ideas and did not look at the bigger view.

One’s essay must look logical but also concise.

Develop a plan before writing.

Immediately you open your answer booklet, do not just begin by writing anything. Relax, place the pen down, pick your answer, and go through what the question needs carefully. If they look detailed, highlight the points.

Use time-tested paper formats.

After you have bulleted your points, ensure that they make sense in the right order. For one to look more professional, one has to number his work.

Have an introduction.

The writer has to introduce the main idea and support his point in summary form.

Body paragraphs.

Write the details of the points that you have summarized in the previous section.

Conclusions synthesize ideas and evidence by linking them.

‘Hit the nail on the top’ quickly.

Am pretty sure you might have written essays that the points are not clear. Write and clearly—tips on how to explain your points.

  • State the point.
  • Explain it.
  • Connect initial evidence to initial points

Use two-stage editing processes.

When you finish writing your essay, time might be there or not. So, one has to think of a system that can help him to edit his work. And that system can be the 2-stage editing process.

Stage 1. Assess the arguments.

Scan each sentence and the paragraph

Stage 2. Perform out-loud checks.

Read your essay, and just mouth the words.


Immediately you have understood the principles and tricks of writing an essay during exam time; you are a step closer to getting excellent results.

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